help for hard of hearing people in Kathmandu
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We are two hearing aid acoustician who will be travelling on motorbikes through Asia this year.
Travelling for one year getting to know people doing what and when we like .We feel so lucky!However a 
funny feeling came up having no work and no responsibilities, when the idea came up to create a relief 
project where we could put our Know How as Hearing aid specialists to use.
We searched for a possibility to help poor, hard of hearing people .It wasn´t easy to find a 
non –profit organization who specializes in helping the hard of hearing population.We finally came 
upon the NAHOH (Nepal Association for the Hard of Hearing) in Katmandu, Nepal


Basic medical care in Nepal is according to the World health Organisation  poor, for around 10,000 citizens 
there are an average of 2,1 doctors available .More than half of the population has no access to medical 
care or aids such as hearing aids for instance. Mostly hit are young hearing impaired Nepalese who due to 
their disabillity and lack of funds , get no help from the health system, Due to this they are not able to 
communicate , so that education and maybe later a job to give them a perspective and a reasonable life,
 aren´t possible.Here it is where the NAHOH steps in to help. We contacted Macha Bhai Mahrjan, who 
founded this organization in 1996. We wrote to him about our venture and were pleased to hear from him 
that it would be wonderful for him to have two hearing aid specialists from Germany supporting his organization.

NAHOH needs its own workplace (laboratory) to make Ear Moulds themselves. Ear Moulds adjust a hearing aid, 
and have the function of connecting  and transmitting sound to the ear from the actual hearing aid.

If you wish to know more about Otoplastics go to http://freifahrt.net/index10.html

Without this hearing aids don´t work and as each ear is different they have to be made individually.
         We want to help Macha Bhai Marjahn get this workshop (laboratory) set up and also to train his staff
 to cope with the new materials they will have to work with. The Laboratory will be equipped so that the 
staff will be able to offer service independently in the future. Our aim is to ship equipment and the 
materials for producing theses Ear Moulds to Katmandu before  we  head there so that we can start when
 we arrive. 
Therefore we would appreciate the smallest donation to make this project a success.
  If you don´t have a credit card or Paypal you can donate via our donation account .
         Esther Leist.
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         Esther Maurina Leist  & Markus Schraermeyer
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